We Specialise With You Guys

The small business guys, that is. We specialise in providing reliable, powerful solutions that enable you and your business to get more done.

Our solutions are always uniquely customised to provide the client with the best level of efficency. Everyone knows we're emerging from recession but things are still tough and we understand cash is king with many small businesses. Our unique approach to assessment means we'll only recommend a service or product if it will benefit your business. We spend time ensuring the solutions we implement will be extremely effective at saving you money in the long run.

Kinetic are a Microsoft Small Business Specialist

Demonstrating our Aims to be the best, Kinetic are a fully qualified Microsoft Small Business Specialist. Providing inexpensive services for local small and medium sized businesses, we understand the challenges facing SME's and work hard to offer solutions bursting with value, at prices that other companies would find hard to beat.

Over the last 10 years we have gained experience in implementing a wide range of IT Solutions for Small and Medium sized businesses. We've helped to increase their productivity, security, and communication flow. As a result those businesses continue to maintain their infrastructure with Kinetic. We work quickly, effectively, and accurately to save you money and headaches.

We look after small businesses day in, day out. With Kinetic, you're protected.

Kinetic Network Solutions

Kinetic Recommend Windows Small Business Server 2008

A good house is built on a solid foundation. The same is true with your Network and IT Infrastructure. Running an internal network is more than just a server and some software. Our Network Solutions include, an Intel Xeon based Server powered by Windows Small Business Server 2008, a dedicated Firewall to secure and protect your business, coupled with a reliable, super fast backup system. A complete, all in one solution...meaning one less thing to worry about.

SBS 2008 is an all-in-one server solution designed to help you keep your data more secure and your company more productive. It provides many of the features used by larger companies, such as e-mail, Internet connectivity, internal Web sites, remote access, support for mobile devices, file and printer sharing, backup, and restore—all at one affordable price.

Kinetic Recommend Windows 7

Small Business Server works perfectly with Windows 7 Professional, and is the perfect companion for a solid IT Infrastructure. Fewer walls stand between you and your success...You can run many Windows XP productivity programs in Windows XP Mode and recover data easily with automatic backups to the network.

8 Great Reasons For A Server

  • Fast Backups - Backup files automaticall and help reduce the risk of data loss.
  • Control Email - Centralise your company's emsil and help make it easier to manage.
  • Increase Privacy - Protect your sensitive files and control who has access to them.
  • Multilayered Protection - Defend your IT Network by filtering or blocking unwanted content.
  • Share Effectively - Share files, printers, contact lists and calendars and reduce load on individual computers.
  • Anytime Access - Access your server-based files, data and email from anywhere with an Internet Connection.
  • Manage Accessories - Control printers, scanners and other accessories from one centralised location.
  • Kinetic Deployment - Enjoy the benefit of a server as quickly as possible by having it installed by a Kinetic Engineer.

Kinetic can offer significant discounts when you purchase your Network Hardware and Installation package together. Why not get in touch to find out more?

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Optimise For Opportunities

Having a website is one thing, but making sure it's optimised to capture as many potential customers as possible is another.

Our Search Engine Optimisation process features several steps;

Step 1 - Goals Analysis

Goals Analysis

You won't get anywhere without a plan, so that's why analysing your goals for the business will help us formulate one. We'll present you with several different options that might give you some ideas - eCommerce, greater customer enquiries and more traffic; to name but a few. Your suggestions will also help form the basis for the next few steps.

Step 2 - Website Analysis

Website Analysis

The second step looks at analysing your current website for content, image tags, linking, navigation, page names, titles, code layout and much more. We'll run a few tests using keywords you know work, to see how your site currently performs, as well as with keywords that you'd like to start using. This step will give us a good foundation from which to build an improved site.

Step 3 - Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Next, we look at your competitors. We'll spend a significant amount of time researching who they are, what they're doing, how they're doing it and we'll try to measure their success. Using your experience within the market we'll build on their model to create a new fresh approach that will see you begin to receive more traffic, which will hopefully result in more customer enquiries, higher sales and a great return on investment.

Step 4 - Social Media Consideration

Tweaking & Social Media Integration

Many business fail to realise the power Social Media presents. Facebook, Twitter and Digg, to name but a few, provide a new channel for innovative companies to reach their customers. By utilising these new, exciting methods, companies can reach out and extend their customer base. The main driving force behind such cutting-edge forms of marketing are primarily the lower risk and cost ratios, versus the significant returns. We will advise how Social Media can help your business online.

Step 5 - Optimisation Process

Optimisation Process

This is the final, but a continually ongoing step. We take all the information we have gained from the previous phases and begin to optimise your site. This process also looks at creating and submitting listings for each of the major search engines - Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask. Our focus on quality means this process will continue over the next few months and we'll monitor to ensure your goals from Step 1 are being met.

Let us help your website do more for you...get in touch.

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Online Identity Crisis?

Not if you talk to us. Having a web presence is more important today, than ever before. Thanks to devices such as the iPhone, BlackBerry and Google's Nexus One, people are constantly connected. And when they go looking, where will they find you?

We'd love to help you create a great website...gorgeous yet simple and easy to use. We have over 6 years experience in designing great, functional websites and know the importance of developing something that is easy to maintain and conforms with Accessibility Laws. We also spend alot of time making sure your site is submitted and tailored for maximum gain from Search Engines. All our sites are Search Engine Optimised before going live.

Interested in seeing some sites we've developed? Check out our Client Testimonials.

Complete Our Web Design Project Overview

Phase 1 - Complete our web design project overview.

The best place to start is normally at the beginning, so we've put together a small questionnaire to gather as much information about your project as possible. Please download, complete it and send it back to us. We'll be in touch within 3 days to arrange a coffee and a chat.

We Use Recognised Website Development Software

Phase 2 - Let us build you a gorgeous, fun website.

Based on your feedback from Phase 1 and our meeting, this Phase focuses on developing a cutting edge website that fulfils everything it needs to today, as well as what you'd like it to do tomorrow. You'll be involved in this process regularly, with different milestones set along the way.

We Use Recognised Website Development Software

Phase 3 - Implement & Improve.

The final Phase focuses on putting your site live and listening to customer feedback. Your new site will help increase customer enquiries and retention, however, it's an on-going process and we're here every step of the way to ensure your site grows as your business does.

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Safe Data is Happy Data

Kinetic are a Microsoft Small Business Specialist

Let's imagine for a second, there's a power surge...your server and workstations experience toasted hard drives - your business grinds to a hault as you panic about how to get back online before you start losing money.

What do you do?

Well, if you were one of the lucky ones and contacted Kinetic before you experienced the inevitable, you'll be waiting on one of our engineers to call to your office to rebuild your lost data.

Our solution includes a robust backup medium that will keep your data safe, secure and always available. Should something go wrong, we can normally be onsite as required to get you back up and running.

Even if a power surge doesn't affect you, chances are something else will. Viruses, trojans, malware, worms, accidental damage, accidental deletion...

Most businesses that experience a catastrophic data loss go under within 2 years...don't be a statistic. Get in touch today to discuss how your data can be 100% protected.

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