2 Great Ways To Get Help

KineticUK Home PC Repair Service

Home Repairs

One of our qualified engineers will call to your location and offer a FREE assessment/quote. They will diagnose the problem and the best way to fix it.

We aim to fix a wide range of problems including (but not limited to), viruses, trojans, spyware, malware, performance related issues, freezing, overheating, slow startup issues, malfunctioning hardware, corrupt Windows installations, and much more.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we will also include a Kinetic System Check & Tidy Up for FREE. This will ensure your system is running as smoothly and secure as possible to protect you from future threats and problems.

Our prices are extremely competitive and we cover all of Northern Ireland. There's no additional charge for callouts in Belfast or surrounding areas, so why not drop us a call on our Free Phone and find out how we can help?

KineticUK Workshop PC Repair

Workshop Drop Off

Alternatively you can drop your problem machine off to our workshop and one of our qualified technicians will set to work diagnosing the problem and a solution.

Once we've identified the work that needs to be carried out, we'll give you a call and explain the process and any costs associated. After we've got your system back up and running, we'll run our Kinetic System Check & Tidy Up for FREE to help minimise future problems.

We offer a FREE delivery service to anywhere in Belfast & surrounding areas after we've worked our magic, or you can call back and collect. We don't mind!

We are so confident we can fix 100% of problems, that we offer a No Fix, No Fee policy. If somehow your fault trumps our engineers, we won't charge you for the time we've spent working on it.

Give us a call today (it's Free) if you've got a fault...we guarantee to fix it!


KineticUK Wireless Security

No one likes being tied down to the one spot, and with the advancements in WiFi technology, more and more people are now using their Laptops, iPhones, Blackberrys' and other wireless devices inside and outside the home.

Chances are, you've already got a wireless router and are reaping the benefits. But stop and think for a second - is your wireless connection secure and encrypted?

There can be a lot of negative side-effects with an insecure wireless network...nosey neighbours, exposure of sensitive information (credit cards, bank details) as well as increasing the possibility of having your machines hacked and exploited.

Kinetic Wireless Security

KineticUK Wireless Security

Kinetic provide a Wireless Security Package that fully protects and keeps your Home Network safe.

This process involves auditing each device currently connected to the network to check how secure it is. We'll look at its Anti Virus status, it's Spyware & Malware protection, Operating System updates and much more. After each device has been checked, we'll review the status of your wireless router, ensuring maximum security is switched on. There's more involved than just setting a wireless password to keep you protected.

The last thing you want is an insecure network that allows snoops to see your personal and confidential information. So why not Contact us today for more information and let us help secure your network?

A New Lease Of Life

KineticUK PC Upgrades

Got a new piece of hardware and you’re not sure how to install it?

Correctly installing new hardware can be a bit complicated...you have to be sure you’re grounded (i.e. your body is not carrying a static charge that could damage the hardware), you need to have the necessary power requirements to actually power your new hardware, and you need to be sure your computer can physically support your latest addition.

Don’t worry though, our Kinetic Engineers have years of experience installing all sorts of hardware.

We can perform:

  • Motherboard Installation,
  • CPU Installation,
  • Memory Installation,
  • Graphics and Sound Card Installation,
  • Hard Drive Installation/RAID Configuration,
  • CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD Drive Installation,
  • PCI and PCI-E Card Installation,
  • and much more.

If your system is in need of a general tidy up we can also help with an any-time-of-the-year-Spring-Clean which will give you that speedy, new machine feeling.

Performance Tweaks

KineticUK PC Performance Tweaks

Give your desktop or laptop a new lease of life and enhance it's performance with an inexpensive upgrade. Increasing the amount of memory (RAM) your computer has will improve its responsiveness when opening applications; changing the processor will boost overall system responsiveness and make your machine much snappier; or simply add a new hard drive to store more data and back up your photos, music and movies.

If you’ve got some new hardware or fancy finding out more about an upgrade, give us a call.

Your Most Valuable Asset

KineticUK Data Protection Service

You don't need us to tell you how important your data is. Hundreds of photos from holidays, birthdays, weddings, special events; home movies, backed up DVD's & downloaded movies; thousands of music and audio files, iTunes libraries and everything else that's your electronic life line.

The simplist of events can cause all these precious memories to be wiped out in seconds...power surges, viruses & malware, or even simple accidental deletion can erradicate years of saved data.


KineticUK Basic Home Data Protection

Basic Home Data Protection

Our most popular data backup service. A simple, but robust solution that includes all the hardware and automation software needed to keep all your important data safe and protected.

The Basic Home Backup solution is an inexpensive one for those looking to start protecting their digital memories and will take care of making regular snap shots of all your data. A full System Image is also included, meaning should the worst happen, you'll be able to restore to a specific time in history with all of your data intact. Handy, eh?


Advanced Home Data Protection

KineticUK Advanced Home Data Protection

If you have alot of data or you want the ultimate in information security, our Advanced Home Backup solution might be for you. As with our Basic Home Backup, we’ll provide you with the hardware and software necessary but we will perform the backup at a schedule that suits you and store your backup off-site in a secure location, so should the unthinkable happen, your data will always be available in the state you left it, protected and away from any external threats. Your data is also accessible anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the Internet. If something goes wrong at source and you need access to your data, one of our engineers will deliver it within 4 hours, any day of the year and have it restored the same day.


Data Retrieval/Restoration

For those of you who don't benefit from a Kinetic Backup Solution, and have accidentally deleted something important, we offer a service which attempts to recover and restore. It's normally best to let us try and make the initial data recovery as there's usually only one attempt to make a successful recovery. If your data becomes corrupt or has been deleted, Contact Us immediately and we will advise of next steps to improve the chances of getting everything back intact.

Our data protection plans are competively priced and will ensure you’re always protected should the worst ever happen. Don’t be left in the situation where you wish you’d done something sooner, use our Contact Us page to request a call back.