What our clients think

We've asked a few of our clients to give us a review so you guys, the potential new clients, can get an insight into how well you'll be looked after should you decide to come onboard with us.


Construction Plant Ireland

Construction Plant Ireland

" Over the last 5 years, Kinetic UK has helped Construction Plant Ireland build a successful IT Infrastructure.

Implementing a wide range of customised solutions such as Website Consultancy, Networking Services and Mobile Hardware has enabled Construction Plant Ireland to grow ahead of its competitors and stay one step ahead.

Kinetic provides support for Google Analytic & AdWords on and ongoing basis which has helped us spot emerging markets and improve the amount of relevant traffic coming to our website. This in turn, has lead to a large increase in customer demand and ultimately higher sales. This valuable support has enabled us to also begin trading in new, international markets.

We continue to use Kinetic as the main provider of all our IT Services as they understand our needs, are competively priced and continue to offer innovative products and services to keep us one step ahead of the competition.

http://www.ConstructionPlantIrl.com "


Lismoyne Lodges

Lismoyne Lodges

" We approached Kinetic UK for help with developing a website that would allow us to market our self-catering accommodation in Portballintrae and Enniskillen. We didn’t have very much experience in this area, but knew we needed a website that was visually exciting and would appeal to new visitors.

Kinetic produced a top class website that fulfilled every aspect of our expectations - it was clean, crisp and inviting. New technologies such as AJAX makes our site really stand out from the competition and our users love it!

The one-to-one approach Kinetic provided us with meant we had the opportunity at every stage in the development process to tweak, improve and change different aspects of the site.

We’ve already had a few bookings through the site and can safely say we are very impressed with the end result!

See the site here - http://www.LismoyneLodges.com "


Creative Smiles

Creative Smiles

" Kinetic have provided us with invaluable support over the last 5 years. Troubleshooting inhouse IT and Network problems, advising on new markets for our website and always being available within 8 hours to correct any issues with our Internet or Email, are just a few of the services Kinetic have provided to us.

Kinetic have also custom built and configured my Home PC and Wireless Network which is regularly checked for problems and updated as necessary.

We would definitely recommend Kinetic as their friendly and reliable service has proven very helpful over the last number of years.

http:///www.CreativeSmiles.co.uk "


Andrew Firth Personal Training

Andrew Firth Personal Training

" Having looked at other Personal Trainers in the Northern Ireland area, I knew I needed to get online in order to be competitive and kick start my Personal Training business. I wasn’t sure about what I needed or the type of site that would work, so I asked Kinetic to come up with a design that would be achieve this.

I was not disappointed. Their design was original, up to date and was just what I had in mind.

They linked me into Google Maps and helped me get started with a bit of marketing. Overall, I would say my experience with Kinetic has been nothing short great!

See the site here - http://www.AFPersonalTraining.co.uk "


Some of our other clients have included;


Ladies Workout Express, Diet Express, Texaco, Mace, Balloo Hire Centers